.Net interop - Managed extensions for VCL

.Net becomes more and more popular development platform. However the most advanced and powerfull development platform from Microsoft is Visual C++. VC++ applications are Win32 in heart, but could seamlessly interact with .Net framework. In fact, such applications host .Net framework an use the best from both worlds - Win32 and .Net.

Here is the list of some Win32 applications that host .Net runtime:

As you could see, even main tools for .Net development are written in managed code.

Delphi Win32 could do anything that could be done in Visual C++ except .Net-related features. Managed extensions for VCL are written to fill this gap as much as possible.

Managed extensions for VCL provide most complete way for .Net interop in Delphi and C++ Builder. In addition to all features provided by .Net interop, it could:

.Net object could be created using ClrCreateInstance function or ClrCreateInstanceFrom. Then, using generat wrappers from DotNet unit you could call object's properties and methods including static ones.

Ability to create application domains (AppDomain) turns application that uses Managed extensions for VCL into full-featured .Net host.

Beginning from version 1.20 it is possible to place .Net controls on Win32 VCL form. This application was created with Delphi Win32, property grid is the same that is used in Microsoft Visual Studio:

Known limitation is that .Net data binding is not supported.

Ability to use ADO.Net and ASP.Net from Win32 applications let your application use the best from .Net and Win32 worlds.


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